Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Photo Collage :: 12/14/2012 Nutcracker & Lights

1.  On Sunday my mom and I took the girls to their first performance of the Nutcracker.  They had a great time, it got a bit long at the end, but they did well for their first time attending a performance.

2.  My Sister-in-Law made us these cute scrabble ornaments for Christmas this year.  My photo is a little dark, but each name is spelled out with a scrabble tile.  She got the idea from Pinterest, of course!

3.  We were a little early for TaeKwonDo lessons the other day and took a few minutes to walk around a local park.  It's sort of a town square area complete with a working fountain in the summer.  During the Christmas season the park has a large nativity scene, there are even Wise Men off in the distance.

4.  This week was the Feast of St. Lucy and we always drive around looking at Christmas lights.  This particular house is the Griswald house of the area!

5.  We have been doing a bit of purging and organizing in an effort to be better prepared for Christmas.

6.  We finished up our 10 Day Challenge this week with good results.  This was one of our dinners, sweet potato, veggie burger topped with half an avocado.

7.  A skinny hot chocolate.  When we go look at Christmas lights the kids always get a treat of hot chocolate and a cookie.  This year we did away with hot chocolate with the kids, because it never fails that someone spills or has to go to the bathroom before we're done!  This year they had to settle for just a cookie.  I made a hot chocolate for myself for less than 100 calories.

We have been enjoying Holy Heroes Advent Adventures this week.  We like watching the videos and then the kids pick a coloring page, word search, or crossword puzzle to do.  It's a fun and easy way for them to learn a little bit more about their faith.

Besides St. Lucy's Feast Day, we also celebrated St. Juan Diego's Feast Day with enchiladas and tacos for dinner.  We talked about Our Lady of Guadalupe, and the significance to our country, but unfortunately never got to any other activities.

Pandora Radio has been playing frequently in our home.  I love that we can select Advent and Christmas music and there is so much beautiful music to listen to and enjoy.  There are a couple of radio stations in our area that are playing Christmas music 24/7 and they play the same tired songs over and over again.  I might scream if I hear another Karen Carpenter Christmas song!

Earlier this week I posted some ideas for Fitness Gifts for gift-giving.  Next week I have a guest post on Journaling and after that blogging will be a bit sporadic for the next couple of weeks.  I'm not sure if I will post another photo collage for 2012.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Advent and Christmas season!

Homegrown Learners


Patty said...

You had a good week! I was surprised to hear a story about a nativity scene set in a public park and no controversy surrounding it! So NICE to hear that for a change! Have a wonderful weekend!

Mary said...

Karen Carpenter -- UGH! ;-)

Thanks for linking, my friend!

Lori_KeepingItSimple said...

It looks like a wonderful week. The nutcracker sounds lovely- what a treat! I am with you on Pandora! I have heard "Oh, Holy Night" played multiple times on the 24/7 radio, which makes me happy. And, "Santa Baby" which just seems wrong. :-/

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