Celebrating the Easter Season

Lent is just about over and shortly we will enter into Holy Week.  What an interesting Lent it’s been this year with the papal conclave and election of a new pope.  An exciting time to be Catholic!

As we gear up for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter, I wanted to share some of the activities and books we will use during the season.

Holy Week Activities

We keep things pretty simple during this week.  We will keep on with our schooling through Holy Thursday.  Both of the boys are helping at the washing of the feet on Thursday evening.  Friday is a quiet day.  For the last several years we have gone to an local parish that has an outdoor Stations of the Cross.  We walk through the stations with this resource, and then head home for a quiet afternoon.

This year Jacob’s birthday falls on Saturday and he asked to attend and help serve at the Easter Vigil.  We have never been to the vigil together as a family.  Not quite sure how this will work and how the younger kids will be, but we’ll give it a shot!

Sunday, the celebration begins!  This year we will be going out for Sunday brunch, so I won’t have any meal prep.

In the Easter Baskets:

When the kids are younger, it’s much easier to fill the baskets with things like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, sunglasses, and other little trinkets.  As the children get older filling baskets seems to be a bit more challenging.  Now our age range is 5-12.  Bubbles and sidewalk chalk aren’t all that exciting.

I like to give practical gifts along with a few fun items.   As I’m in de-cluttering mode, I don’t really want to add anything to the house that isn’t useful.  While I was de-cluttering the linen closet, I noticed that some of our towels had seen better days.  We had a little discussion on my Facebook page about ways to handle towels in a big family.

My solution was to order towels in all the same color, and put each child’s name on the towel.   A perfect thing to stick in their basket this year.  I’m really happy with the way they turned out!


Another needed item each spring is new sandals and/or flip-flops.  I ordered a pair for each child and those will be going in the basket as well.

Usually each year most children give up some sort of food item, from ketchup to fruit snacks.  I will put whatever the given up items is in the basket as well.  That means this year I will be handing out a bottle of ketchup, ranch dressing, and a box of fruit snacks!

While I like to add in practical items, I do like to add in some fun items too.  The candy isle is most filled with bunnies, but I did find a chocolate cross at our local CVS.  The rest will just be some random candy that the kids like.


If you have never tried this with your children, I highly recommend it!  A Butterfly Garden would be an excellent gift for the easter basket.  We have done it twice before, but really should do it again with the younger kids.

The Symbol of the Easter Egg craft from Catholic Inspired

We have made Resurrection Rolls a few times, another activity the kids really enjoy.

Easter Story Cookies would be another fun option.

Also, this movie, The Miracle Maker, is one of the best children’s movies we have ever seen.  It really brings the story of Jesus to life in a beautiful way.  I highly recommend this DVD!  A great movie to watch during Holy Week.

Easter and Spring Books we Love:

I like to add in a few nature books with our Easter books, it’s difficult to ignore the beauty of God in nature.  The Story of the Cross book is new to us this year and is a very gentle telling of the stations.  Also new to us this year is Welcome Risen Jesus.  I wish I would have gotten the book when Lent started, the prayers and actions are very sweet.  The paper version is only 1.99 and the Kindle version is .99!

I have more interesting snippets to peruse on my Easter Pinterest board.  Also, I know many are preparing their little ones for First Holy Communion, so I have linked to those resources as well.

Enjoy the last couple of weeks of Lent and be fully prepared for the joy of Easter!

“We are Easter people and Alleluia is our song” St. Augustine

Be sure to visit Tiffany @ Family at the Foot of the Cross and Lori @ Catholic Baby Steps for some more ways to embrace the Easter Season.


  1. Lori_KeepingItSimple says

    I love the practical gifts idea. I think we might do flip-flops this year. And I always like to add a meaningful religious item or book. Most often my boys need a new rosary- they seem to be particularly hard on theirs. :) The vigil is LONG!! But we did it with a few grandbabies last year. I would go for comfy clothes over Easter finest so that the little ones can snuggle up and fall asleep.

  2. Tiffany Leijten says

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day and Great post, Jen! Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas. How great to go “out” this year on Easter…That will be a nice break from the kitchen:) I’m adding Miracle Maker to our baskets…We don’t have that one! Thanks again and as always, nice to team up with you:)

  3. Patty says

    Happy St. Patrick’s day, Jen! I think that garland on your mantle is just breathtaking and so “spring”!! I’m going to use the idea for mine this year. Thank you very much! I can never get enough ideas on books! Very good selection. The towels turned out great, btw! The kids will love them :)

  4. Jessica says

    I am very excited by this new Pope. I am anxiously awaiting his leadership. At Religious Ed today you could almost feel a new energy when we discussed him in my 5th grade class, especially since we just studied some Saints during our Confirmation unit.

    I love these suggestions and may in fact use some in my class next week!

  5. Homegrown Learners says

    I love all of these resources, Jen…. and I’m heading to Old Navy to get flip flops for the kids’ baskets! :-) I wish I could be at your house to see your baskets with ketchup and ranch dressing, too. I sure do miss seeing you. :-(

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