Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly Photo Collage :: The Pope & St. Francis of Assisi 3/15/2013

The big news this week at our house is that we have a new pope!  Wednesday afternoon all of our activities were suspended a bit as we awaited for word about the identity of the new pope.  I vividly remember when Pope John Paul II passed away and Pope Benedict was elected.  I remember Jacob sitting in my lap as we watched the announcement together.  Both Jacob and Jonah are old enough to remember this election, so we are trying to talk about it as much as possible.  I don't often miss having cable, but at moments like this I do {just a little}.

We watched the announcement through live stream on EWTN.  Jacob was a little bit too old to sit on my lap this time!  I loved watching all the people in St. Peter's Square, such a visual reminder of the universal church that we belong to.  One of the kids said "there's a South Korean flag!"

I signed up for the Pope Alarm, it was fun getting a text that said "White Smoke!".  I have to admit I wasn't crazy about the "Adopt a Cardinal" program.  While the idea of it is great, couldn't they have come up with a different name?  I don't know, say "Pray for a Cardinal" I know it's a bit persnickety, but in our house adoption is something permanent.

Anyway, we used some resources from Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life, from Heidi at Three Sided Wheel and we learned about the Papal Insignia at Catholic Inspired.

On Thursday we spent our reading time, reading some of the books we have on St. Francis of Assisi.  That's the new name the pope chose, Pope Francis, here's more information on why a popes chooses a new name.  We have long been devoted fans of St. Francis of Assisi.  The boys have had a San Damiano Cross in their room for years.  What's not to love about St. Francis?

Here are our favorite {to date} St. Francis of Assisi books:

The Song of Francis - appropriate for younger children

Francis the Poor Man of Assisi - appropriate for mid to upper elementary, looks like it can only be purchased used now

Saint Francis of Assisi - this is a good series on the saints, we have several.

Saint Francis Celebrates Christmas - one of our favorite Christmas books.

What is your favorite St. Francis book?

In other news, we finished Treasure Island!  The last couple of chapters were the best of the entire book.  We were glad to be done.  I'm hoping we have a chance to watch a movie version this weekend.

Jacob and Sarah started some new spelling books this week.  They are both pretty good spellers, so they can each work through their levels fairly easily on their own.  Mary recommended the books,  I like that the kids have the opportunity to work on proof reading skills, along with spelling.

Around the House:

No exciting before and after photos like in previous weeks.  I worked on the kitchen and since everything is behind cupboards it pretty much looks the same.  I did wash the curtains and clean some windows.  We also sold our piano to some friends, who actually play!

Healthy Living:

We finished up week 1 of the Ultimate Reset, here are some of the foods we have been enjoying.  I will have more on this next week!

The "green stuff" is Zucchini- Cashew soup, I'll share the recipe next week :)

Blog Happenings:

Name that iHN Blogger contest is still going on through today.  A great prize of a $250 Amazon gift card!

I can't Homeschool Because My Kids will be Weird - have you ever thought that?

I guest posted at this week at a place to lay their heads

Swiss Oates Recipe - one of our favorite breakfast recipes

Be sure to stop by on Monday, I'm doing another giveaway.  Also, stop by Mary's and check out all the other blogs linked up for Collage Friday!
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Mary Prather said...

Jen - I just got the audio for Treaaure Island from the library - I hope everyone likes it.

Watching the new Pope was so interesting. I love that you could focus on it so much in your schooling this week.

Thank for always linking :-)

Heidi @ Home Schoolroom said...

We got rid of cable, too, and large news events are the only times we miss it. Thank goodness for streaming options through our Roku box or online.
Love the school on the couch picture...we love to settle in a comfortable spot whenever possible!

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