Setting Goals in Your Homeschool

*post contains an affiliate link, see disclosure pageCan you believe that 2013 is half over?  Wow!  Time goes by quickly doesn’t it?Now that July is here, it’s a great time to review the goals that you set for yourself or your family in January.  July is also a great time to set goals for the […]

When We Can’t Do it All

*This post is sponsored by TakeLessons.comOne of the most often heard criticisms of Homeschooling is “are you qualified to teach?”  It’s a reasonable question I guess, after all “real” teachers have to have a degree to teach in the public or private school system.  As homeschooling moms we can tend to bristle at all the […]

Homeschooling in Action: Putting it All Together

So you have decided to homeschool, you have picked your method, now what? Everyones day will look different.  That was one of the frustrating things when I was trying to see how my day would look.  I wanted someone to say this is how you should schedule your day.  Unfortunately, it just can’t be done. […]

Common Objections to Homeschooling

It’s completely normal to be intrigued by the whole Homeschooling thing, yet still be plagued by doubts.  I would expect nothing less while making such a huge decision.  Rest assured, if you have a doubt, someone else has had it too. I’m answering a few common objections to Homeschooling, with my own thoughts as well […]

Thinking About Homeschooling?

So I have shared my why for Homeschooling.  Now what?  Most of us assume that our children will go to school where we did, the traditional school route.  We turned out okay, right? Something Better for Our Children Maybe we desire something different, something better for our own children and our own family situations.  Perhaps […]

Why Homeschool? A 5 Day Series

Why Homeschool?  It’s a big question right?  I mean, why even consider it?  Isn’t it much easier to leave the job to the professionals?  Why take on the daunting task of educating your own children? If you asked 100 different homeschooling families, you might get 100 different answers.  Sure, there are many similarities in homeschooling […]

10 Homeschool Books I Can’t Live Without

*This post contains affiliate links, see my disclosure page I have divided my list into 5 books that helped me get started with Homeschooling and 5 books that have given me encouragement in my journey. It was extremely difficult to narrow down my list to just 10! 5 Books That Helped Me Get Started Homeschooling 1. […]