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*affiliate links, see my disclosure page Talking to our children about Racism and the Civil Rights movement can be a daunting task.  It’s an uncomfortable topic, but an important one.  Regardless of the way your family “looks”, all of us need to know the history of our country, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I […]

Our Curriculum for the 2013-2014 Homeschool Year

It’s time to talk curriculum! Here’s an overview of what we will be using for our 2013-2014 school year.  I can’t believe we are starting our 8th year of our homeschooling adventure.  Time flies and I’m looking forward to this being our best year yet.Our main spine or focus this year is Tapestry of Grace.  I’m […]

Tips for Homeschool Planning for Multiple Ages

“Order Brings Peace” – St. Augustine I think this is going to be my phrase for our school year.  It really is true, it’s just sometimes difficult to achieve and maintain order.  Particularly in a large family.   Some days, maybe most days, I feel like one or two people are behind me undoing all […]

Top 10 Homeschooling Posts of 2013 {So Far!}

This is a non-traditional time to post a “best of the year” post, but since homeschool planning and preparing is in full swing for most of us, I’m hoping it will be useful.Happy planning and preparing for the new school year!1.  I Can’t Homeschool Because My Kids Will Be Weird - I think this is one of […]

Homeschooling is About So Much More Than Just the ABC’s

It’s no question that one of the reasons we homeschool is to give our children a solid education.  A solid education at each child’s pace, with time to pursue their interests and passions. I can say with confidence that we will achieve a 100% literacy rate in our homeschool.  That’s a good and achievable goal, […]

The Raft :: Crafts, Activities & Food!

*there are affiliate links, please refer to my disclosure pageI love pulling activities and ideas from a great picture book.  It’s like undercover learning.  Kids usually have no inkling that so much information is being stored in their brains. I’m certain that is why I have loved Five in a Row so much over the […]