Wrapping up the Week – 10/15

What We Are Reading→  Freshwater Road On my Kindle: The Blessing Bob is reading The Hobbit to the boys On My Waiting to be Read Pile Lucky Girl Theology of the Body for Beginners Jane Eyre Rebuild my Church Brideshead Revisited Around the House→  No new projects this weekend!  I need to finish up with […]

Fall Meal Plan

Fall on Mackinac Island Just like with our summer meal plan, our fall meal plan is equally as simple.  None of my kids like to eat “fancy”.  I try, but when I surveyed everyone about their favorite meals they all said “mac n cheese” “hot dogs” and “Mc.Donald’s”.  Not exactly the nutritious, whole foods I […]

Monkey Bread – Recipe

My sister requested the Monkey Bread recipe.  Recipezaar (now Food.com) is my very favorite recipe site.  If you can’t find it here there is no such recipe!  I liked this recipe because I usually always have the Rhodes frozen bread dough on hand.  Jacob is our donut connoisseur and he likes the Monkey Bread better than donuts, that […]