Choosing Curriculum: Tapestry of Grace


I recently made our first big purchase for our 2013-2014 school year.  After quite a bit of deliberation and research, I purchased Tapestry of Grace – Year 3.

Why Tapestry of Grace?

I’ll give a quick run down on why I made this decision for our family.  First, and most importantly, I love the idea of all of us being on the same page academically.  Even though all of my six children are on vastly different levels of ability, we can still all enjoy learning about the same topic.

A couple of years ago when I used Paths of Exploration with the three bigger kids, it was wonderful to sit down at the table together and discuss the same events.  Each child giving their own perspective.

Last year we used a more classical approach to our homeschool, which we enjoyed a great deal, yet I missed the family aspect.  I felt like Jacob was off learning different things than Sarah and Jonah – we didn’t have the same types of discussions.

Tapestry of Grace is Classical Homeschool Curriculum with a Family Approach

I think Tapestry of Grace is a melding of the family learning aspect of Paths of Exploration with the classical approach to learning that we have come to love and appreciate.  I’m excited to gather the three younger children into more of our day.

While Tapestry of Grace is not a specifically Catholic program, I will weed out the church history that doesn’t pertain to us as a family.  We will use Seton religion again and replace much of the non-catholic missionary books with books about Catholic saints in the same time period.  I have joined a Tapestry of Grace – Catholic yahoo group that has been very helpful.

Of course I will continue to share more about our Tapestry of Grace journey as we fully embark on it in the fall.

If you are looking for more information on Tapestry of Grace, please check out Tricia at Hodgepodge Mom, she has a ton of helpful information about using Tapestry of Grace as well as Barb at Harmony Fine Arts.

Are you using Tapestry of Grace?