Birthday Treats :: Chocolate Covered Oreos & Rice Krispie Treats

As I’ve mentioned before, we are in the midst of birthday season right now.  Sarah recently turned 8 and Jacob turns 11 on Friday.  11!  All of a sudden we have a tween in the house, how did that happen?   Anyway, we’ve been having fun pinning birthday treat ideas over the last few weeks. […]

10 Things I Love About Being Catholic

Maybe it’s a combination of Lent and Preparing for Total Consecration that has me thinking about how grateful I am to be part of the Catholic Church.  Here are 10 things I love about being Catholic! Photo Source Besides the first reason, Jesus in the Eucharist, the rest are in no particular order.1.  Jesus in […]

Guest Post :: Don’t Let Burnout Steal Your J.O.Y.

Many thanks to Holly from Three Sided Wheel for her guest post today!  Great topic for this time of year, don’t you think?  Enjoy. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it comes and goes. But more often than not it stays awhile, lurking in the darkness. Feelings of inadequacy, lack of motivation and […]

Homeschool and Life: How we get it done

Nobody can do it all.  Although sometimes blogs can make it look like it we get it all done.  It can probably be a bit discouraging for those thinking about home education, with lots of little children underfoot, to read blog posts about perfectly prepared meals, perfectly planned lessons, and a crafty tutorial thrown in. […]