Lee & Low Publishers :: Book Reviews


While we were at Heritage Camp over the summer, I spoke to one of Anna & Levi’s teacher volunteers about the fact that it can be challenging to find quality literature with racially diverse characters.  She suggested that I look into Lee & Low, a publishing group out of New York, they had had great […]

Book Recommendation


At a recent therapy session, our therapist had me read the story Porcupette Finds a Family to our family.  I came home and immediately ordered the book and think it’s a “must have” in any adoptive home.  The story picture book deals with many issues using a porcupette {a baby porcupine} and a mamma bear.  We love […]

Heritage Camp


Wow, what an amazing week we all had at Heritage Camp!  The kids were sad to see camp end on Friday and are already counting down the days until camp resumes next June.  There were over 300 campers in attendance.  They have a China camp, Korea camp, Eastern European camp, Latin America camp, and a […]

Adoption isn’t for Sissy’s


As much as I would always contend we are a normal family, I would have to amend that now.  Sometimes I think I have under estimated how significant the needs of my children are.  I know normal is a loaded word, maybe typical would be a better choice, really who is “normal” anyway?  I have […]

Attachment Therapy


Just when life is moving along at a nice pace, surprise! a little bump in the road appears.  No matter how minor the bump, it’s still a change in plans, my plans!. For us, our bump in the road is the need for attachment therapy.  I guess some sort of therapy was inevitable for our […]

The Homeschool Mother’s Journal :: Birthdays ~ 3/30/2012


In my life/homeschool this week…well, it was much less hectic than last week.  We made it through the week with no home repairs!  I’m slowly getting our kitchen reorganized and reordered.  I’m very much enjoying all of our new space. In our homeschool this week…we finished up our Lewis & Clark unit this week.  Next […]

Advocating for Malcolm

If you have a moment, please head over to Conversion Diary and see if you can help Malcolm.  Maybe you can help with a small donation, maybe you can help spread the word.   Who knows, maybe he is supposed to be part of your family? Most certainly you can pray for him, and for millions […]