Jonah’s Russian Adoption Story

Tomorrow is Jonah’s birthday, a double-digits birthday, as he turns 10!  I’ve never shared his full story so I thought now would be a good time. When we decided to adopt again, Jacob was just about 2 years old.  We knew we wanted to adopt again from Russia and we knew we wanted another boy. […]

Guest Post :: Catholics Families Answering the Call for Foster Care

“They’ve lost everything; must they also lose the Sacraments?” The following is a guest post from Christie Martin at Garden of Holiness The American family is in crisis. 50 percent of marriages end in divorce and children suffer. Parents don’t bother to marry and children suffer. Some families explode in violence, child abandonment, or drug […]

Raising Boys to be Men – With Practical Tips!

* This post contains affiliate links After I wrote my post last week about Homeschooling Boys :: Part II, I started thinking about boys in general in our society.  How many boys in the public school system are labeled with attention issues, behavior issues, put in low reading groups or pulled out for special services? […]

6 Ways to Regain Your Homeschool Focus

February and March can be brutal months for the homeschooling family.  Everyone has been cooped up far too long with nothing to look at but grey skies.  We are in the nitty gritty of homeschool life.  No matter how long, or how little we have been homeschooling, we can all use some encouragement doing this […]

Celebrating the Easter Season

Lent is just about over and shortly we will enter into Holy Week.  What an interesting Lent it’s been this year with the papal conclave and election of a new pope.  An exciting time to be Catholic!As we gear up for Holy Week and the celebration of Easter, I wanted to share some of the […]

I Can’t Homeschool Because….

my kids will be weird! When I first brought up the subject of homeschooling with my husband, he said flat out, “no way, our kids will be weird!”.  When I mentioned to my mom that we were thinking about homeschooling, she said, “you’re kids will be weird!”.Even friends of friends weighed in on the topic […]

Rice & Bean Tacos {in the Rice Cooker}

You know how much I love super simple, easy dinners.  This is one of my favorites.  I like to put this on the rotation for Monday nights.  Mondays always seems like particularly busy days, both around the house and for school. Throw this concoction into the rice cooker in the afternoon and you are ready […]

Birthday’s and Adoption

We are entering birthday season in our home. Over the next couple of months we have four birthdays to celebrate.  Each child gets to pick his or her favorite thing for dinner, sometimes that’s eating out and sometimes that’s eating at home.  We hang up the birthday banner, {ours is similar to this one}over the window […]