Weekly Photo Collage :: The Pope & St. Francis of Assisi 3/15/2013

The big news this week at our house is that we have a new pope!  Wednesday afternoon all of our activities were suspended a bit as we awaited for word about the identity of the new pope.  I vividly remember when Pope John Paul II passed away and Pope Benedict was elected.  I remember Jacob […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 3/8/2013 – Do A Dot Markers

This week was the first week, since December I think, that we have not had someone coming or going or preparing to come or go!  It was nice to get back into our normal routine and have a quiet week. Last weekend when we were out bike hunting for Sarah, I noticed that Toys R […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 3/1/2013 – It’s March!

I’m so glad that March is here and February is over.  I’ll never understand how the shortest month can feel like the longest month!The boys arrived home on Wednesday night, a bit delayed due to the snowy weather, from their trip to Vermont.  They had a great time with their cousins and enjoyed all the […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 2/22/2013 Reading & Vermont

We graduated to All About Reading Level 1 this week!  I’m using it with Anna, Leah and Levi.  I have written before about how well Pre-Level 1 worked for us, we were excited to start Level 1.  I like that the kids can feel success right away with reading 3-letter words.  It makes them that […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 2/15/2013 ~ Valentine’s & Ashes

I think this was the most “normal” week we have had in some time.  Ever since December it seems like we have been off for some reason or another due to the holidays and travel.  Although this week we celebrated St. Valentine’s Day and Wednesday was Ash Wednesday.  I guess that’s as normal as life […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 2/1/2013 ~ BEECH Retreat

We spent a lot of time reading this week.  We started The Moffat’s and Who Was Marco Polo?  The area schools had a snow day on Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday rained buckets.  My kids who will be outside in just about any kind of weather were stuck inside most of the week.   […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 1/11/2013 Back to the Grind

We finally wrapped up our vacation and arrived home on Monday evening.  We had a great trip and it’s been a little bit hard getting back into the swing of things, however it’s great to be home. I’m not sure we will plan another vacation around Christmas time.  It was nice to get out of […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 1/4/2013 Florida Vacation

We started our Florida vacation a day early in hopes of missing some of the snowy weather hitting most of the midwest/east coast.  Christmas morning we decided to leave that afternoon rather than waiting for the next morning.   It turned out to be a great decision.  Not only did we miss the bad weather, […]

Photo Collage :: 12/21/2012 Granola & Birdseed

I love making and eating granola.  There are so many ways to personalize it and so many ways to enjoy it, I just never get tired of granola.  Normally, this is my favorite granola recipe, but this year I wanted to try something new.  I was eager to incorporate the flavor of oranges, so I […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 12/14/2012 Nutcracker & Lights

1.  On Sunday my mom and I took the girls to their first performance of the Nutcracker.  They had a great time, it got a bit long at the end, but they did well for their first time attending a performance. 2.  My Sister-in-Law made us these cute scrabble ornaments for Christmas this year.  My photo […]