Weekly Photo Collage :: 12/7/2012 Poems & Latin

Recently the girls have been obsessed with watching High School Musical on Netflix.  I have gotten lots of hand me downs from my sister’s girls and had remembered seeing High School Musical pajamas somewhere in the piles.  When I came across the night shirt and gave them to Leah, she acted like she won a […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 11/16/2012

We had a fairly quiet week, which is always nice.  Soccer is over, swimming is wrapping up, we had our last day of our homeschool co-op.  Even though these activities are all worthy and good, it’s nice to slow down a bit.   We got through a good amount of school work.  I ordered some […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 11/9/2012

To say that this week was one big distraction is an understatement!  Tuesday and Wednesday were consumed with voting related things.  I woke up feeling a bit discouraged on Wednesday morning because of the election results.  By Wednesday afternoon I was feeling a bit more optimistic again. It is what it is and we just […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 10/19/2012

Our Week:Another busy week in the books.  In addition to our regular routine of swimming, soccer, Tae Kwon Do, and speech therapy, we had the oh so enjoyable dental cleanings and a trip to the park.  We have had a couple of warm days again and we decided to take advantage of it and get […]

Weekly Photo Collage ~ Mackinac Island :: 10/12/2012

Bob and I spent the beginning of the week on Mackinac Island.  We took a quick getaway for my 40th Birthday.  Mackinac Island is one of our favorite spots and really is a gem of Michigan.  It’s a small island in the Straits of Mackinac that can only be reached by ferry.  No cars are […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 10/5/2012

I celebrated my 40th Birthday this week.  We had a fun day going out for lunch and then visiting an apple orchard.  Much of the apple crop in Michigan was ruined in the late winter when we had a week of temps in the 80′s.  So that makes for some expensive cider!  We went to […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 9/29/2012

We have had a whirlwind of a week.  I wish I could say it was a productive week, school wise, but it wasn’t our best.  The week started with Bob being out of town for work which always adds a little bit more “excitement” to our week.  Then our dishwasher stopped working and it was […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 9/21/2012

It might take a minute to see what’s in the sky, but I took this on our way to soccer games last Saturday.  It was right before the Michigan football game and that’s an “M” {upside down!} in the sky.   On Sunday we were invited to a birthday party at a roller rink!  Jonah […]

Weekly Photo Collage :: 9/14/2012

It’s been a busy week, so I’m glad Friday has arrived.  We are enjoying these last days of really nice summer weather, and what a summer of great weather we have had.  We couldn’t let the week go by without reading our books about September 11th.  We also watched this video about operation Boat Lift […]