Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our Guest.........

Madeline has been joining us on Tuesdays. It has been so nice having her for the day. The kids have been working very well together. Today we went to the library and Jacob was still able to complete, handwriting, phonics, Latin, math, english and writing. So interesting to have a school age girl compared to the boys - she actually sits and completes her work without talking, complaining, breaking a pencil lead, or falling off the chair - how odd!!!!. We love having this extra time with extended family :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Jonah's attempt at "building" the Mackinaw Bridge :)

Apple Orchard

We went to the apple orchard on Friday. We originally intended to go to Alber's, but they were not open yet, so we headed to Dexter instead. We ate apple cider and freshly made donuts, all while swatting bees! The kids enjoyed the animals and the hay maze the most.

More Soccer

Jacob and Jonah are both on purple teams this season.


She keeps us busy.........but she sure is cute!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Nature Friday

Today we went for a short nature walk around the pond behind our house. The kids found a frog, butterfly, and some grasshoppers. We brought the habitat inside and spent some time drawing them while listening to a Bach CD. The boys enjoy drawing their nature finds. We really only did formal school two days this week. With Labor Day, the baseball game, and Jacob's first day at Home School Central, it was a scattered week. We did get a good amount accomplished on Tuesday and today, but we are looking forward to a more normal week next week. The checklist system has been working well for me, I can see what we need to do with a quick glance. Then I have been filing them for future reference.

History has been enjoyable so far. We are mainly going to be focusing on Medieval times, starting with Britian. We have been learning about the Romans attempt at conquering Britian, next week we start to read about King Arthur. Jacob did a book of centuries page on Ceasar and Caligula.


We enjoyed our day at the ballpark!

Monday, September 1, 2008

More Changes

On Saturday I woke up and decided we needed to rearrange some things. We ended up moving our tv downstairs (!!!) and decided to make that room our official learning space. Here is the before picture........... A new princess table for the girls to use.
The boys enjoying their new space before they head off to bed. Everything came together pretty quickly. We moved the entertainment center from the kitchen to the learning space and then Jill & Jim had a table for us to borrow. I think it should work out great!


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