Sunday, November 22, 2009

Grandpa & Sarah

I love this picture of Grandpa & Sarah. It was taken on the day of her baptism in 2005, just a little while after she joined the family. Today, Nov 22nd, is her family day. It is the official day she became a Dunlap. Just two days ago we said goodbye to Grandpa. I think he would love this picture as much as I do.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Using The "Good" Stuff

In my constant effort to de-clutter and clear out junk, I came across our china dishes. In the past I have contemplated using them as our everyday dishes, but ended up not being able to bring myself to use them. As our family is growing I am in need of extra plates. I have had them for almost 13 years and I am not sure I have ever used them. We did not get them as a wedding gift, we never registered for china, because I never thought I would use it. This set was given to Bob's parents at their wedding. They then passed them along to us as they had another pattern to use.

It seems dumb to save them for a special occasion, as even for our immediate family we no longer have enough place settings, let alone if we have any extended family over. So today I decided to start using them. If they get broken, oh well. They will have been broken in the midst of our lively family, together, around the dinner table. So much better than collecting dust in the closet never to be seen. And really, every time I am with the people I love it is a special occasion.

Jonah's Cape

This hasn't been off of him much since Halloween....

Halloween 2009


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