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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Toronto Trip-Day 1

Last Friday we packed up the kids, and the van, and headed out on our last road trip of the summer.  Each year we are trying to see a baseball game at a different stadium.  So far we have been to Cleveland and Detroit, this year Toronto was our destination.  While the kids are young we are sticking to the stadiums close to home.

We arrived in Toronto late Friday afternoon, just in time to hit lots of traffic.  We checked in to our hotel and the kids couldn't get to the pool fast enough.  We had our "Pizza Friday" in our room after the pool fun and the kids went to sleep way too late.  Saturday morning we headed into the city.

Fortunately we had a beautiful weekend for baseball.  

I forgot to take off my sunglasses for the first photo, but then Jonah was being Jonah in the next shot.

We arrived at the park just as the gates were opening (two hours before game time!).  The boys really wanted to try and get some autographs.  

Here they are checking out each others autographed hats, with Levi watching.  It won't be long and he will get in on the action too.

We managed to get all the kids in our seats before the first pitch.  I think we all sat for the first inning and then not again for the entire game.  Jacob could sit for the entire game watching (and commenting on!) every single pitch.  Unfortunately, the other five weren't so interested.

A family photo after the game.  Leah was asleep ;)

Here is Levi about one second after I put him in his seat.

And then there is Leah!

Thankfully she didn't stay that way the entire trip back to the hotel.

It was a fun time at the game, the Tigers didn't win, but we still had a memorable day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Meal Plan

Fall on Mackinac Island

Just like with our summer meal plan, our fall meal plan is equally as simple.  None of my kids like to eat "fancy".  I try, but when I surveyed everyone about their favorite meals they all said "mac n cheese" "hot dogs" and "Mc.Donald's".  Not exactly the nutritious, whole foods I would like them to eat.  Half of my children will at least try just about anything, the other half are not quite as adventurous.

I got the idea of having theme nights from the book Simplicity Parenting.  If you haven't yet read it, you should!  Children find much comfort in having the same rhythm throughout each week, and evening meals can anchor the day.  As always feast days or any other special day trumps our normal rhythm.  For instance we will probably have a special baseball dinner during the World Series.

Hopefully you will be able to access the plan here!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wrapping up the Week - 8/28

Summer Reading→ Continuing to read both Brothers and Sisters in Adoption and Home Schooling Children with Special Needs.  Still reading Graced and Gifted by Kimberly Hahn.  Apparently school is getting in the way of my reading time!
Summer Kitchen→ We had our tea time on Wednesday and it dawned on me that it would have been the perfect time to have an “A” snack, but I thought about that about 15 minutes before I need to have our snack ready.  So corn muffins (from the box, gasp!) had to be good enough.  I did make honey butter though.  Animal crackers are on the grocery list for next week.  
I will dutifully make a list of easy tea time snacks for the corresponding letter soon.
I also will make a respectable attempt at an Apple Pie next week.  If you have an Apple Pie recipe that you love, please let me know.  The last time I made one it looked pretty good, but it didn’t taste good. At all.  
Summer Outings→ No outings this week - we were busy trying to get back on a schedule!
Summer Happenings→ I will share about our final summer getaway in next weeks Wrap Up.
Back to School→  Our new year got underway on Tuesday.  It really has been nice to get back to a schedule.  and maybe because the kids are getting a bit older I don’t feel like such drill sergent barking out schedule changes all day,  although I did hear my self saying “it is x:xxpm where are you supposed to be right now??!!” more than a few times.  I certainly did not add “annoy your sibling” to anyone’s list of things to do.
I will share about our Alphabet Path adventures next week, when I will then have to switch this over to all things “Fall”.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Workboxes ::: 2010

I am doing some tweaking this year of our workbox system.  I love the way workboxes lay out the day for me and for the kids.  The part I have always had trouble with is filling boxes for several children each evening.  I am hoping to streamline that process this year as well as encourage more personal responsibility particularly in my oldest.  

The first box holds all of his supplies.  His pencil case, with normal school stuff, markers as well as his mini-office for reference.

The second drawer contains his checklist for the week.  On Monday morning he will find a new checklist. along with appropriate assignment for each subject for each day.  This is the part that eliminates me filling each night and allows him more personal responsibility.  He can choose to work ahead in any or all subjects.  I will check off his work each Friday or before-hand.  The more he completes during the early part of the week, the more free time he will have on Friday.

The third drawer holds his math work.  He is my reluctant math student.  He is a very practical person and my goal for this year is to make math as "living" as possible.  He will work through Your Business Math this year along with some Math on the Level.  First we will brush up on some math ideas/facts using his math journal.

The first six weeks or so of lessons we will use The Burgess Bird Book for copywork.

Phonics next,

and finally the independent reading box.  Each day he needs to read something, either he picks or I will pick it for him - it's his choice.  He will narrate what he has read to Dad at dinner (or me if Dad isn't home).  This article is about a baseball rule.  I am pretty flexible about what he reads, (within reason of course) I just want him to be reading.

We have other things that we do throughout the day, but this will be his core.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School ::: 2010

We had our first day of school on Tuesday.  The morning went well and everyone was eager to get back  to work.  I am happy with our schedule and it should serve us well this year.  After lunch a few "forgot" how quiet time works and the whining and complaining kicked in.  All in all it was still a good first day!

Jacob ~4th Grade

Jonah~ 2nd Grade

Sarah~ 1st Grade

Anna~ Kindergarten

Leah~ Pre-K

Levi ~Pre-K

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Holy Communion Prep

This year Jonah begins a more formalized preparation for his First Holy Communion.  Here are some of the resources that we will use at home:

First Communion Catechism

First Communion Days

Going to Confession

Child's Guide to First Holy Communion

The Weight of the Mass: A Tale of Faith

The Holy Eucharist Coloring Book

I also ordered this audio resource from St. Anne's Helper to aid in memorization.  Jonah and a couple of other children are definitely auditory learners.

More suggestions can be found here

In the process we are going to work on putting together a First Communion Notebook.  I have gotten many ideas from these sources:

Notebook Page Ideas

More Page Ideas

I think Jonah will really enjoy having his finished book on display at his First Holy Communion Party.

Another activity that is slowly becoming a tradition for our family is going to confession on First Saturdays.  At some point, when little bodies get a bit bigger and are a little less wiggly, we will also attend mass.  After going to confession we then go get a breakfast treat.  It has been a nice way for us to get into the habit of monthly confession.

We are very much looking forward to this important sacrament for Jonah!


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