Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Note to Self.....

remember to start school in August!  Hot, humid weather equals way too much time with the tv, wii, and computer.  Too much time without a schedule also equals restless, misbehaving, mischief making, bickering kids.  We need to get this show on the road a bit earlier than originally planned.  I guess it's back to the planning calendar....

When will lessons begin at your home?


Patty said...

Oooh. Same down here. Only we have the relentless heat this summer.

When I start early, I schedule in two week breaks between each quarter.

Mommy REALLY needs and enjoys those breaks! :) I think it plays a big part in continuing the homeschooling each year.

Gardenia said...

it has been really unseasonably humid here too, it seems. Flower starts preschool (at the parish school) tomorrow. But we are in the learning room every day.

A. Gillispie said...

Amen to that! We are doing our second full week of school now--and it is SO much better than the randomness that was summer! First week was a haze (always is) but this second week has been great!

Jill said...

We will not be taking a whole summer off again! Everyone is ready to get back into a routine.

Lori said...

We have started a "decluttering routine" this week. We set a timer for 15 at a time (about 5 rounds with breaks scheduled), and tackle specific chores (lego clean up, game cabinet, toy cabinet, laundry...). My goal is to have a calmer, more organized start to our school year.

We also maintain a minimal schedule through the summer- this year (after our shark study), we are doing All About Spelling, Reading, Timez Attack (computer math game) and eye therapy exercises (for ds #2). This keeps us out of trouble! :)

I am not sure when our first *official* day of school will be.

Jen said...

Patty-for the first time this year I am "roughly" doing 10 weeks on and 2 weeks off. Glad to hear it works for you. BTW, I made the blueberry pie again tonight - yum!

Anita-"randomness" is a good word for our summer too!

Jill-I am ready to not hear "what are we going to do tomorrow?"

Lori- I love your de-clutter routine! I might have to try that over the next few days.


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