Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wrapping up the Week - 8/21

Summer Reading→  Continuing to read both Brothers and Sisters in Adoption and Home Schooling the Child with Special Needs.  Also just started reading Graced and Gifted by Kimberly Hahn. Bob started reading The Hobbit to the boys.  

I am hoping to make a Fall/Winter reading list.  I cleaned off all the books on my nightstand from my Summer list, but I was noticing quite a few on my shelves that I have yet to read. 
Summer Projects→  The boys have been working on a butterfly house project.  I am sad to report that a few butterflies were injured in the making of this particular project.  They are good at the catching part, but not always so good at remembering the release...

Summer Kitchen→  Our fall menu is planned.  Nothing fancy, but I will share next week.
Summer Outings→ On Sunday we took a trip to a local living history museum and Anna & Levi took their first train ride.  

On Monday my sister and I took the kids on a field trip to a local marsh area and then took a trip to a nearby dairy to see the cows and get ice cream.  Really, really good ice cream.

Summer Happenings→ We did have a couple of days on our new schedule this week.  I had forgotten how much we actually can get done!

Summer Planning→ Finalizing all of our plans for the first six weeks or so of the year.  All of our books have arrived and I have adjusted our start date.  August 24th will be our first day!  Here is am simultaneously packing backpacks for our end of the summer road trip and sorting and organizing school supplies :)


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Patty said...

The pictures of the kids at the dairy farm are great. I particularly like them feeding the cattle that are lined up in their stalls.

The train ride picture is adorable! Love Levi's little hat!

Looking at your bed go girl! Who said a mother cannot multi-task?

Gardenia said...

oh I just want to look through that huge stack of stuff!! you are one organized mom. looking forward to seeing your reading list and your fall menu. my nightstand too needs a good sorting/cleaning/review of all my books yet unfinished. there's something about a train ride that just breathes childhood memories -- you're making memories your children will cherish!

Tiffany said...

Hi Jen~ The field trips look so fun! I need to get going and plan a few things once we get our routine going around here again. Look forward to your reading list too:) God Bless you and all your planning!

Tracy said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks again for commenting on my latest blog post. I love these pictures especially the nature shots! Just beautiful! Sorry to hear about the butterflies :( It looks like everyone had a grand time on your adventures!
I look forward to reading about your fall menu since I always want to get more organized in the kitchen with my recipes, but I just have so much trouble getting it done!


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