Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wrapping up the Week - 9/18

What We Are Reading→

Me: The Domestic Church  
On my Kindle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Bob is reading The Hobbit to the boys
Around the House→ Creating some extra storage space.  Our kitchen is without a pantry so I have been trying to come up with a spot to put some of our extras.  Bob used a space in the basement that is an unfinished bathroom as his office (poor guy!).  With his new job he doesn’t require as much space to store things - so I took over a few shelves.

Now I am moving on to dressers and closets.  My sister sent me this post, and according to her all my kids should have locks on their closets!  Even before reading this I had taken the clothes out of my 4yo daughter drawers and it has been working well.  The 5 & 6 yo girls do okay, as well as my 9yo son, but our 7yo son and 3yo son, well that is a different story!  So, I am thinking about how things could be arranged more efficiently.  My sister and I were brainstorming ideas while we were watching our kids at Tae Kwon Do, and I haven't had the “ahha” moment yet.  I must figure out a way!  One person noted that it cut her laundry time in half - in half.  If anyone has any suggestions or tips, I am all ears.
       * Leah knocked her tooth out last Saturday so she visited the dentist on Monday. Glad we had family  photos taken before the knock-out!
       * Leah & Levi both had colds this week, ugh it’s starting again!
       * Sarah had a follow up with her Orthopedic Surgeon on Wednesday, another re-check in 6 months
       * Jonah is spending Saturday afternoon at a friend’s birthday party-he can't wait!
Please pray for Jacob on Saturday, he is doing his (junior) black belt pre-test.  He will have a long afternoon of working hard.

Fall Kitchen→ We had Tea Time this week and enjoyed Apple Cider and Cheezits (!).    
Feast Day→ We celebrated the Triumph of the Cross this week.  We traced handprints and glued them in the shape of a cross to remind us that we are Christs hands on this earth.  We made a Cross cake on Friday when the cake pan finally arrived!  It worked out well that we could talk about the Cross during C week.

Discovery Time→    
   Bird Unit:  Reading Burgess Bird Book and finished up Max and Benedict.  
   Along the Alphabet Path: “C” Week - We read Christopher Counting, A Clifford selection and Clara Catepillar (lots of C words!).  Practiced making the letter C in rice and then glued the rice on a piece of paper in the shape of a C.  Spent a day collecting C words on the chalk board.  We made sugar cookies in the shape of a C and enjoyed them with coffee (decaf!) drinks.


Patty said...

Jen! You had quite the week. Juggling those appt's and accomplishing what you did...way to go.

The cross in the hall is beautiful!

Great timing with C week!

Gardenia said...

what a great C week you had. I like the handprints cross. love your little altar area. I'm saying a prayer for Jacob this morning.

Kim said...

I ended up taking the doors off the closets and putting in shelves. We use clear rubbermaid type storage bins with no lids for clothes, they can see what's in it and I put little signs on them with pictures/labels of what was inside. I sort clothes when we fold them, and each kid takes their clothes and puts them in the appropriate bin. Worked well for us!

Tiffany said...

Hi Jen~ Wow, C is for Cheers to a blessed week! Blogging is great to help us realize how much we really do get done! Adore the handprint cross and glad your cake pan arrived. Hope your Jacob did well:-)

Lori said...

I think I want to come school at your house- it looks fun! The cross craft is super cute- and the cookies look yummy! Hope the belt test went well!! :)

Storage/organization is an ongoing process for me. Even though I have a teeny tiny house, my dh redid the kitchen and put in recessed cabinets that are just deep enough for pantry storage *in* one of the walls (the space between the kitchen and hallway walls). It is a life saver!

Hope all is well with the tooth and the colds too.

Jen said...

Patty-fortunately Bob was available this week to help with appointments!

Gardenia-thanks for the prayers, Jacob did well!

Kim-sounds like a great idea, we are working on our major closet overhaul this weekend :)

Tiffany-we were glad the pan finally arrived too!

Lori-the recessed pantry is a fantastic idea - you'll have to do a post on it ;)

Cindy said...

I'm visiting from the HHH! Love your hands cross. Seems like you got a lot done in a week. How come my days are full, but I seem to have less to show for it? Maybe we need more hands on stuff and less book-work?

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

What a wonderful week! :) Love how you incorporate "C" into everything. :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the handprint cross! I'm looking forward to doing an alphabet trail with my son when he's old enough.


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