Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wrapping Up the Week - 8/14

Summer Reading→ Continuing to read both Brothers and Sisters in Adoption and Home Schooling Children with Special Needs.  I need to get a fiction book going.  
Summer Projects→ I finished organizing and prepping our learning room.  I wanted to participate in a school room blog hop and that was just the kick in the pants I needed to get it done.   Also putting the finishing touches on our schedule for the fall.    Thankfully, Leah’s speech and o.t. fit nicely into my already created schedule.  
We did a craft today for the Feast of the Assumption.  It was an easy craft from Seton’s Art for Young Catholics grade 1.  My goal is to do one craft per month, I know that isn’t much, but compared to last year that is a lofty goal!  August can get checked off the list.  I am going to be cleaning up glitter until the Epiphany, but the kids enjoyed it.

Our pictures have been decided upon and an order placed - including Christmas cards.
Summer Kitchen→ I am thinking about our fall lunch plans.  I would like to make lunches while I am doing breakfast clean up.  That way lunches are ready to go after a busy school morning and I will have minimal clean-up for the afternoon.  I really need to expand my sandwich making repertoire beyond PB & J.
Summer Outings→ We were home most of the week again, unless you count Target and Wal-Mart as field trips.  I am officially addicted to school supplies, but how can anyone resist a .15 notebook??
Summer Happenings→ Jonah and Sarah just finished their week at Vacation Bible School.  They had a great time and enjoyed telling me about all the snacks they ate this week.  Awesome stuff like suckers, skittles, marshmallows and jell-o....
Today was hair day.  I have been doing lots of easy summer styles for Anna, she is a good sport about letting me try different things.  My braids are improving!  This is the first week in a while she hasn’t had at least a few braids in the front.

Summer Planning→ To start to get on our new fall schedule.  Next week.  Really.  

Have a great weekend!


Elizabeth said...

I plan on doing something special once a month for a feast day. I've been pondering if the feast or solemnity could be celebrated in advance or a little after so that we can all celebrate it together during the weekend, you know kind of like how the mortals here on earth celebrate a birthday that fell on a Tuesday.

I would love to practice on Bernadette's hair but she seems to have such a sensitive scalp - she even anticipates the brush stroke so needless to say brushing her hair isn't fun.

Patty said...

Jen~You are SO much like me! The art and the PB&J....

This year, I bought the Art DVD's that Seton sells, the Ginger Himes series. The girls love them. One 15 minute class a week.

Enjoy your weekend! Enjoy your reading!

Patty said...

I also meant to write that Anna is such a little doll!

Even though we've done that art project, I've forgotten about it and you've inspired me to do that one as well:)

I love many great ideas and mommy-helpers.

Jen said...

Elizabeth- I bought something called a "Tangle Teezer" for Anna's hair and now all my girls prefer it. It doesn't pull like a traditional brush. You can google it, and if you don't find it, let me know!

Patty-Let me know how you like the Art DVD's for Seton - Jacob is almost getting too big (he thinks!) for the crafts. Sometimes when I get really adventurous I make egg salad!

Catherine Anne said...

Seton’s Art~ I wanted to try this next year. A friend of mine said she had used it and really liked it. I plan on doing a craft with the kids Monday on the, Feast of the Assumption. Your blog has been such a blessing to me. Although I am part of a Catholic hs group about an hour away. I do not have a lot of Catholic hs mothers in oue tiny twon. We live in a town with a large % being Protestant. Thankfully I am blessed to share our play dates and co-ops with other Christian HS mothers. But, there is only so much we can inspire one another one. For exsample the Feast of the Assumption. Blessings Catheirne

Gardenia said...

You're busy! we found elmer's glue at walgreens for 25 cents. what's a mom to do but buy at least five? You did a cute job on Anna's do, although going naturally is darling too. I loved your learning room post -- the work boxes and shelves are great. and I also love your Catholic prayers.


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