Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Exceeding the Limit

This afternoon I received a telemarketing call from a large hotel chain.  The caller wanted to reward Bob and I for being such great (?) customers that we were eligible for a vacation package. ( Keep in mind I no intention of signing up for any package)  Here is our conversation:

college student telemarketer (cst):  "we have vacation packages to two great locations, Las Vegas and Orlando, have you been to those locations?"

me:  "yes, we have been to both of those places"

cst:  "great, well which would you most like to visit again?"

me:  "I guess Orlando"

cst:  "okay great, would you be traveling with your family?  do you have children?"

me:  "we do have children"

cst:  "how many children do you have?"

me:  "we have six children"

long, dramatic pause...

cst:  "you have six children!??"

me:  "yes, we have six children"

cst:  "wow! that's a lot of kids"......"would you be taking them all with you?"

me:  "well, if your parents announced that they were taking a trip to Orlando, but were only taking a couple of kids wouldn't you be a bit annoyed?  (he laughs) yes, we would take all of our children"

cst:  "umm, well we can only accommodate six people in the group, just a moment" (he is checking with his manager?)

cst:  "yeah, we can only accept six people in the group - you don't qualify for the offer, sorry" (he hangs up)

Wow, I have never had a telemarketer hang up on me before.  Apparently he is too young to remember the Brady Bunch!  I am assuming the hotel chain will be placing us on the "do not call" list, and probably the "do not take reservations from" list!


Gardenia said...

what a funny story, which was probably aggravating for you. and they usually as we are sitting down to dinner!

Robin said...

I love it! That's one way to get them to stop calling ;)

Spesamor Academy said...

That's hilarious!

Cari said...

Sam received a sales called today too for a vacation stay...but not related to yours. must be that time of the year i guess!

Tracy said...

Hi Jen!
What a great story! Love it! I wish telemarketers hung up on me vs. me trying to hang up on them! Maybe if I let all 4 of my children make alot of noise while I was on the phone with a telemarketer, they would get the point that it's really never a good time to be calling my home if you are a salesperson!
Thanks for visiting my LEGO post today and your comment!
Have a blessed day!

Patty said...


Lynn B said...

Well, in the spirit of "take that, hotel chain!", go here to see hotels that welcome larger families: http://www.sixsuitcasetravel.com/index.html

NC Sue said...

I've heard all sorts of advice on how to elude telemarketers. Having a large family isn't one of them.

Unique approach!!!

Jen said...

Who knew I had such an effective way to get people to stop calling us!!

Lynn- that site is a good one :)

Elizabeth said...

Okay, thank you for starting my morning off with a good laugh! :-)

Jill said...

Too funny!


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