Monday, August 9, 2010

Around the House Today

"Have no anxiety at all, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your requests known to God." (Phil 4:6)

Bob left very early this morning for an appointment and I couldn't get back to sleep.  I started thinking about my "to-do" list and that was the end of sleep.  Guess I do need to capitalize on the quiet time whenever and wherever I can get it.

❖ Finishing up our Bird Unit.  I hope the kids enjoy it as much as I think they will.

❖ Still thinking about what to do for the younger half.  Some sort of ABC/123, letter of the week type of program.  Serendipity has caught my attention, and I do have some of the recommended books, although I think it is more girly than I would like it to be for Levi.  Raising Rock Stars preschool looks like it might be a possibility, however I like how Serendipity incorporates a new saint each week.  Maybe I can mesh the two and pull what works from each.

❖ When I am noodling around for homeschooling resources, I am always amazed at the amount of stuff that so many people share generously - for free!

❖ Still thinking about homemade Christmas ideas.  I am going to share my (very simple) Christmas notebook later in the week.  Everyone should have one ;)

❖ Levi had a little mishap at coffee and donuts after mass yesterday.  He managed to pull over a cup of hot coffee all over the front of himself.  He has a good sized 2nd degree burn on his stomach.  Thankfully it only hit his stomach, it could have hit his face and gone down his neck.  He is doing well on the pain medication, hopefully it heals quickly.  We will be heading to see the pediatrician today for a follow-up.  Jacob needs a sports physical, maybe I can get lucky and get both things done today.

❖ Hoping to start making the transition from our summertime schedule to our fall/learning schedule this week.  The last couple of weeks we have not been on much of a schedule at all - and we need one.

Happy Monday!


Elizabeth Foss said...

You can leave out the flower fairies altogether if you want, though most boys don't have a problem with the introductory story for each letter. If you don't do anything else with the flower fairies, then you unit study that incorporates good literature (plenty of boy titles every week), a science topic every week (they're listed all together down the sidebar), a picture study, lots of saints from which to choose, and an author study. Don't try to do it all! There is enough there for three years (literally).--even without a flower or a fairy at all. (But it wouldn't hurt the boys of this world to be able to readily identify 26 wildflowers.;-)

Elizabeth said...

Yes! Please share your Christmas notebook. I'm trying to get better about celebrating the liturgical year and I've come to realize that means advance planning.

Have you checked out Waltzing Matilda's Alphabet Trail for her son? I don't think she got all the way to z but she had some neat ideas for the letters she DID post about.

Jen said...

Elizabeth F.- thanks for your advice, I think you just did my tweaking for me! My big boys would enjoy the flower identification too. I appreciate such lovely, catholic plans - thanks for sharing!

Elizabeth- my Christmas notebook is very simple, but perhaps it will be a springboard for you. Thanks for the WM tip :)

Patty said...

Poor Levi!

Grace in my Heart said...

What fun activities you have going on in your house! Enjoy your week and I hope your little one's burn gets better soon! Blessings!

Lori said...

I hope Levi's burn is feeling better. :(!

If I was starting over on the younger end, I would want to do a saint with each letter too. What a great way to get your little ones to really learn about the saints!

Gardenia said...

you're so busy. hope your Levi is feeling better. my sister spilled coffee on her lap too, and the burn on her stomach eventually turned into a rather large blister -- but all turned out fine. no scarring. Looking forrward to reading about your Christmas notebook -- no matter how simple you say it is I'm sure it'll be a treat to read about. I would love to find a Christmas calendar planner that tells you what to do each day or week leading up to advent and then up to Christmas Day!

Stacey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog...your life looks very full and blessed. You might want to check out the Letter of the Week Curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler for your younger ones. Works well with workboxes, too!

Jen said...

Stacey-thanks for the tip and thanks for reading!


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