Thursday, August 20, 2009

Packing, Packing and more Packing!

This has been a busy week getting ready for our trip on Saturday. Lots of things to pack for 6 travelers. We are getting more excited as the week goes on, particularly the kids. Our bedroom has been suitcase central, with clothes and stuff everywhere. It has been more manageable than I thought, however, everything is not packed yet! Saturday morning when we are zipping up the suitcases will be the real test. Bob is skeptical that I can fit most things in one large suitcase, but there is a method to my madness....


We are using Galloping the Globe this year for Geography. I made up pretend passports for the kids to use when we "visit" a country. I thought they would enjoy them especially after our trip when they get to see their real passports in action! Each new country will have its own page with a stamp/sticker. The first page has their picture with all of their information. I hope they have fun with them.


Grammy made pillowcases for Anna & Levi. We used the small pillows and picked out fabric we thought they might like. Then I ironed on a family photo. The photo didn't iron on as sharp as I would have liked, but I still thought they look great. We look forward to giving them to Anna & Levi in a few days. We hope it will help them remember us until we can get back to St. Vincent and bring them home!


All of the big kids participated in the radKIDS safety program this summer. It is a great safety program offered by Milan TKD. The kids loved it. Jacob was able to help out with the session that Jonah and Sarah participated in. That was a great opportunity for him.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


We finally wrapped up all of our paperwork and got everything notarized. Our dossier is now on its way via Fed Ex to Creative Adoptions and then it will be on its way to the island of St. Vincent! It always feels good to get that big chunk of paperwork sent on its way. Praying that it arrives safely and that we have completed our part properly.


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