Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Adoption Blogs

Adoption blogs are a great way to get first hand information about the particular adoption path you would like to follow.  Grace in My Heart has a great list of Catholic Adoption blogs.  I would recommend taking some time to peruse the list.  Here are a few other adoption blogs that I enjoy reading:

Work in Progress , my sister ;) recently adopted a little boy from Armenia with Down Syndrome

MommyLife she is Catholic too.  She is Mom of a large family including several boys with Down Syndrome.

Wherever He Leads Us two daughters from China, one from the Caribbean

A Bushel and A Peck lots of good information regarding attachment

Korean Adoption Blog Roll

What are your favorites?

I am thankful for.....the many moms who are willing to share their stories!!


Kimberlie said...

Yours! I love coming over here to read your posts about adoption. I have learned a number of things that I hadn't thought of before and I count myself as a "seasoned" adoptive parent. :)

Thank you for the resources you share with your readers!

Patty said...

Oh my goodness...I never knew of that Korean adoption blog roll!

Jen @ Forever, For Always... said...

Kimberlie- you're so sweet, thank you!

Patty- I have been meaning to tell you to go add yourself :)

Gardenia said...

my fave adoption blog is yours. hands down. thanks for these links. will check them out.

Jill said...

Yours is my favorite, of course. But, lately I have been having fun reading http://www.nihaoyall.com/ about a family that is adopting from China for the 6th time in as many years! They have a crazy/neat story.

Tracy said...

Hi Jen!
Such great resources you have for families who adopt or who are feeling called to do so. I have to agree with others that your blog is right up there with top adoption blogs. I have no adopted children, but I find your blog heartwarming and uplifting and love to hear all the adoption stories you share :)
God bless and thanks for linking up again to Thankful Hearts Blog Hop!


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