Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Progress Report

Jonah- Reading - Bob Book, Level A, Set 1 Book 3
Handwriting - Week 10
Math - completed through p. 71
Religion - completed God's Love Story, working through Kindergarten Catechism

Jacob- Reading - Bob Book, Level B, Set 2 Book 8 (definitely could be reading more challenging things!)
Handwriting - Week 13
Math - completed through p. 35
Phonics - completed phonics book! need a new book to start after the holidays
Religion - Act of Contrition memorized
Home School Central - semester finished on Nov 20th

So far we seem to be making good progress. I can't believe it is November and we are looking toward our holiday break. We have some lapbooks planned for the rest of the year. We are working on a Thanksgiving lapbook right now. I hope to do a lapbook for Advent/Christmas, a Monet lapbook and maybe a poetry lapbook. Our composer for Nov & Dec is Tchaikovsky and artist is Monet. We are planning a Dec/early Jan trip to the DIA as they currently have a Monet exhibit.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Carving Pumpkins

Star Presentation

The boys put on a star presentation for us one evening. They were pretending to be presenters at the planetarium. The musice stand was the podium and Jacob rigged something to his shirt to look like a microphone. Jonah was in charge of holding up the props.

Burning Leaves

Everyone has to try it at least once!


On our way home from Traverse City, we stopped at our Alma Mater, Central Michigan University. It was a beautiful fall day and a good spot to get out and stretch our legs before the rest of our trip home. We also stop by H & R to eat, only to find that it is not H & R anymore! They still did have some of the old favorites. CMU has grown and changed so much since we were in school.

Family Weekend in Traverse City

The second weekend in October we tagged along with Bob on a work weekend to Traverse City. When he had some free time we walked around Traverse City a bit. Of course the kids were interested in the ducks. We also saw a Cormorant diving for fish. That was really interesting to watch.

Shaving Cream Fun

We forgot to tell Leah she wasn't supposed
to eat the shaving cream!

Sarah hardly touched the shaving cream,

Jonah had it everywhere!

Happenings in October

Cute kids at Alber's Apple Orchard

Birthday in Traverse City.

Traverse City sunset in October.


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