Friday, September 24, 2010

Wrapping up the Week - 9/25

What We Are Reading→ 
Moving A Puddle 
On my Kindle: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Bob is reading The Hobbit to the boys
Around the House→ We did a major closet reorganization over the weekend.  Lots of items were either donated or tossed in the trash.  I will post more about this next week.
Fall Kitchen→ We had Tea Time on the road so to speak.  Donuts do start with “D” after all!

(note the missing tooth!)

Happenings→ Sarah is testing for a new Tae Kwon Do belt this weekend.  We are fully immersed in Tae Kwon Do this fall.
Discovery Time→    
   Bird Unit:  Reading Burgess Bird Book and read Audubon: Painter of Birds in the Wild Frontier.  We have learned so many interesting things about Audubon, just from two picture books.  Two very well written and beautifully illustrated picture books.  I have been looking at some of the resources on Homeschool Share and I think Jonah would enjoy the Backyard Bird notebook.  We haven't had such great luck with Lapbooks in the past, Jonah is a bit older and he is my crafty student, so this may interest him.  Friday after lunch we all watched Bird: an Eyewitness DVD

       Jacob has been Lego crazy since we went to the Lego Store in Toronto.  His Legos are organized by color!  This doesn't have anything to do with birds, but Jacob wanted me to include this and Legos certainly have a lot to do with learning :)

   Along the Alphabet Path: “D” Week - We read lots of books about ducks and dinosaurs.  I decided to take a short hiatus from a D food on Friday, we were at our sugar max for the week with our mid-week donut run.  Next weeks Tea Time snack will be equally as sugary (stay tuned!) and besides Friday is pizza night, doesn't deep-dish pizza count?  Instead of baking, we played with dinosaurs in dough.  

We also spent a bit of time learning about St. Dominic. 

 I am making a simple alphabet book for Anna, I will share after we have a few pages complete.  She needs some extra reinforcement in remembering her letters and I think this will help.

Bodies in motion for letter D:

My sister is joining in with me this week, and will wrap up her week too (it helps keep us accountable!).  Please join us in adding your "Wrapping up the Week" with Mr. Linky!  Don't be shy, feel free to use whatever format works for you.


Patty said...

I did my link wrong...but, it'll do for now. Heck! It's Friday, who cares! :)

Jen said...

Don't worry about it - we'll get it next time!

Lori said...

I linked!! :) Legos *are* great. Unfortunately, my boys' Legos are on the table that we eat on (really the only place they have)- I feel bad that they have to move their creations every time we eat! Love your D week- we might have to revisit "D" and go the donut store next week. ;)

Jill said...

Thanks for another great idea! Just need to fix the pic, don't know what I did wrong. Oh well.

Lynn B said...

Oh goodness, school looks like so much FUN at your house!!! Legos - we had them sorted by color for about a week (after we saw that Lego designer guy on youtube - he had buckets and buckets sorted by color.) Then they got mixed up again, and so they stay :)

Jen said...

Lori-thanks for linking up! I have been meaning to ask how your boys store your legos? we seem to have legos everywhere!

Lynn-feel free to link up your week!! We will have to check out the lego guy on youtube - thanks!

Tiffany said...

Jen~Love the bodies in motion!!!!! I really like and look forward to your week in review. I am wondering if I can "pull off" linking one of these weeks? How wonderful to be able to share your homeschooling life with your sister! God Bless your weekend:-)

Lori said...

When I come up with a Lego storage solution that works, I will share it! My boys have asked for nothing but Legos for birthdays and Christmas as long as I can remember, so just he sheer volume of the Legos puts my in the funny farm!! But, they are, hands down, the the toy that has gotten the most use over the years.

Jen said...

Tiffany-I would love to have you join in! I am going to continue each week, it is a good way for me to stay on top of documentation.

Lori-I agree, it is the one thing that gets played with just about everyday!

Tracy said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for stopping by my Fall bulletin board post! I love this post of yours! We read the Burgess Bird Book a few years ago and loved it! We love Legos and making "D" with the bodies is great! We did our version of Tea Time this past Friday. The kids had a store bought treat and then we read over the readings for this Sunday's Mass. I think I want to go back to school again at your house and have fun!
Have a good weekend!
Tracy at "A Slice of Smith Life"

Lizzie said...

What a wonderful week, we have enjoyed many of the books you are using in the past, when my kids were smaller. Stopped by from Hip Homeschool Hop this morning to say hi!

Gardenia said...

I love the D activities.

Jodi Whisenhunt said...

What a beautiful family! Great blog! I love the kid-shaped letter D - very cute ;) I'm a new follower from the Hip Homeschool Hop. I think you'd have fun at, where Disney IS school. Hope you can stop by!


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