Saturday, August 7, 2010

Wrapping Up the Week - 8/7

Summer Reading→ This week I started and finished! reading Sarah Palin.  I only have one more book to read from my original summer reading list, Brothers and Sister in Adoption.  Making a list has made my summer time reading much more intentional, but still allowed me to add in some spur of the moment reads.  I placed my order for a Kindle!
Summer Projects→ We had our carpets cleaned on Wednesday.  Little feet are very hard on carpet.  Last night we received all the pictures from our photo shoot, we need to sit down tonight and decide which pictures we want.
Summer Kitchen→ I have totally fallen off the wagon of our summer menu plan the last couple of weeks.  While Bob was gone I did a “make what you can from what you have week”, and this week we have eaten out almost every night!  Time to get back to regular, planned meals.
Summer Outings→ We stuck pretty close to home this week.
Summer Happenings→ Jacob found out this week that he was invited to test for his junior black belt in September.  We are very excited for him and proud of his hard work.  This has been his goal for quite a long time and will be such a joy to watch him achieve it.  We are now the owners of this...

yes, it is a giant white van.  Could I have been the one a few years back who swore she would never even drive a mini-van??!!  This thing just fits in our garage, like by an inch...Good thing I am an excellent driver as my husband often reminds me that my real calling in life was to be a Driver's Ed teacher ;)
Summer Planning→ We are finishing up the plans for our end of the summer little getaway.  We are looking forward to a little baseball on the road.  Although we are now going to have to stop every 30 minutes to fill up our tank.  Our new ride gets an impressive 16 miles to the gallon.  If you are a global warming enthusiast, I probably should have warned you to avert your eyes before you read that!  

Have a great weekend...


Cari said...

very nice ride!!! :)

Jill said...

Love the van, it will make life much easier for you guys. :)

Jill said...

P.S. Aside from our little accident in college, during which Mom was ready to deploy Lifeflight at the slightest indication of injury, you do have a clean record.

I always knew you had a little "Rainman" in you.

"I'm an excellent driver." :)

Patty said...

I'll be interested in the adoption/sibling book. Please do a review on it when you get a free moment:) (What is a free moment btw?!)

I loved Jill's comment!

Jen said...

Jill-that does sound a little "rain man"!!

Patty-I will remember to do a review ;)

Lori said...

I always follow through better if I have a list- I have been working on a post about that.

I am jealous about the Kindle. I hope to get one soon, but things like braces and eye drs. keep putting it off!! :)

I am tagging you in a "5 favorite Catholic devotions" meme. If you are able to participate, I am told that some just list theirs and others do a bit more explaining.


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