Monday, September 27, 2010

Family Day

Yesterday we celebrated Jacob's Family Day.  Nine years ago we stood in a Russian courtroom nervously waiting to be granted permission to be Jacob's forever family.

Our day was fairly low key, Family Day's usually are compared to Birthday's.  Jacob helped Bob make pancakes for breakfast after mass, the boys played football in the yard with Bob and then Jacob chose what we had for dinner.

His choice?  Macaroni and cheese and hot dogs, with brownies for dessert.

Happy Family Day Jacob!


Tracy said...

Hi Jen!
Happy family day to you Jacob! I hope your day was fun! It sounds like it! What a wonderful way to celebrate the gifts in your life!
I just saw the movies the Blind Side and Fireproof pictured on your Links Within. I love those movies!
I just sent you an email replying to your email.
Come by and check out my funny mom song video on my blog today! Can you relate to it as much as I can?
Have a blessed day!

Grace in my Heart said...

Happy Family Day Jacob! What a fun way to celebrate such a special day!

Kimberlie said...

Happy Family Day to Jacob! We make those days super special too. :)

Tiffany said...

What a beautiful tradition!

Patty said...

Happy Family day, Jacob! What a truly special day for a special boy and family! I swear, he looks so much like your husband in photos.

Sandy J said...

Happy Family Day Jacob! And what a great thing to celebrate.

Lori said...

Happy family day! Choosing the meal is a big thing for our kids too! They love to pick exactly what the want. :)

Gardenia said...

what a big guy! happy family day.


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