Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Toronto Trip - Day 2

On Sunday, after mass, we packed up and started the drive home.  About an hour outside of Toronto is a cute little area called St. Jacob's Country.   It had many quaint little shops, a huge market, although it is only open on Thursday's and Saturday's, as well as an outlet shopping area.

There was a Lego store in the outlet shops and we headed there first.

There was plenty of opportunity to make your own creation and then test it out on the ramp.

After the Lego store we headed to the Stride Rite outlet to get shoes.  We found shoes for four out of six kids.  I am glad Bob was there to help with crowd control - that is not a one person job, at least not for this mom!
We had lunch here.  It was good.  Really good.

Any Narnia fans?  Bob noticed the Turkish Delight right away and had to go buy some.  The kids and Bob liked the Turkish Delight, I thought it was icky.  We also tried Sponge Toffee - icky.

Of course the kids weren't very interested in shopping in the little stores, so it wasn't long before we headed home.  It was a nice little trip to mark the end of our summer and help focus our attention on school and other fun fall things!  


Patty said...

Wow! A baseball game and a Lego play hit the jackpot. Do you realize, in the eyes of your kids, you and hubby have been elevated to "all time awesome" parents?

Totally with you on the shoe shopping experience.

I love finding the old and quaint towns.

Gardenia said...

the turkish delight looks so yummy in the movie. glad you had a wonderful vacation get away.

Lynn B said...

My kids are madly jealous about the Lego store. What a great weekend trip!!


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